5 Best Dog Breeds Under ₹5,000

5 Best Dog Breeds under ₹5,000 in 2022

Having pets in your life is an unexplainable feeling, they shower you with unconditional love and always protect you from danger. India is one of the fastest-growing pet markets in the world and the demand …


7 best peanut butter for dogs in india

7 Best Peanut Butter for Dogs in India

Most pet parents always want to provide healthy and safe snacks to their pooch. Peanut butter is a people’s food that’s great for your dog’s physical and mental health. It is packed with plenty of …


Can Bichon Frise Survive In India

Can Bichon Frise survive in India?

Who doesn’t like a cute little angel living in their house? An angel with white silky fur, cute little paws, and an innocent face. You might be wondering what am I talking about, or where …