9 Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners in India

Not all dog breeds are apt for first-time owners as some are difficult to handle which could be overwhelming for first-time pawrents. Getting a pet home is not always about your favourite breed of dog but more about getting a dog that can be proper considering your lifestyle. 

We have compiled a list of the top 9 dogs fit for first-time pet owners in India to help you determine the first best dog for you.

1. Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever is an excellent breed for first-timers. They are handsome-looking and loving dogs for you and your family.


  • Golden Retrievers are typical family dogs with cheerful personalities.
  • Playful and patient.
  • In comparison to other breeds, Golden Retriever is known to mature slowly
  • Kid-friendly dogs (children should be taught to treat them respectfully).
  • Less likely to get aggressive.
  • Likes constant attention and love.
  • Active and working breed.
  • Loves to chew and nibble.
  • Easy to train


  • Golden Retrievers are not recommended if you want someone as a guard dog as they may greet an intruder with a wagging tail.
  • Socialization and training are a must for this breed.
  • Need to puppy-proof the house before getting this breed.
  • Golden Retrievers need to be kept mentally stimulated so mental games along with physical activities is a must.
  • Sensitive breed.
  • Regular brushing and a healthy diet is required to avoid shredding
  • Can become obese easily.
  • Usually don’t enjoy being alone for a longer period.
  • Susceptible to genetic issues such as hip dysplasia at old age.  
  • Need plenty of playtime and exercise. Not enough exercise can make them destructive.

They are apt for families with kids, though it doesn’t mean that you should leave your toddler alone with the dog. They are recommended for an athletic person who likes running and hiking. However, they may not be a viable option for those who live a sedentary lifestyle or are rarely at home. 

Price: ₹25,000 to ₹30,000. You can check out this article to know more about the Price of Golden Retrievers.

2. Cocker Spaniels

Cocker Spaniels do an amazing job of making us fall in love with them because of their overall sweet nature, playful behavior, and loyalty. They are social and working dogs, so they love forming bonds over playtime.


  • Extremely adaptive dogs.
  • Blends in well with different personalities.
  • Their hair is silky smooth.
  • Medium size dogs that make them easy to travel with.
  • Do not bark extensively.
  • Highly trainable and smart.
  • A perfect playmate for your kids.
  • They are known to sense the moment when you are anxious and have a good cuddle time.


  • Can get aggressive if there is a failure to establish proper trust.
  • Tend to learn potentially wrong behaviors easily from their owners.  
  • Doesn’t go well with high-energy, aggressive kids, which can make them aggressive or extremely shy.
  • They are working dogs, hence need their time outdoors.
  • Sensitive to loud noises.
  • Pent-up energy in this breed may lead to a lot of whining behavior.
  • To maintain their silky goat, regular grooming is a must
  • Shredding is a significant issue with this breed.
  • This breed is susceptible to being food aggressive if you encourage the behavior. (Table scraps are a complete no)
  • They are prone to eye problems.

Cocker Spaniels are a wonderful option for someone with average physical activity or families with kids. Given their size, they are fantastic family dogs. This is a good breed to consider if you have people of varied age groups in your family as they are known to gel with babies as well as grandmothers. However, they may not be a good fit with someone very particular about cleanliness because of the shredding.

Price: ₹30,00 to ₹35,000. Check out this article to know more about the price and monthly expenses of Cocker Spaniel.

3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers often known as Lab, are considered ideal dogs for novice owners. As long as you are willing to train, labs are a great fit for you. This breed is bred to be intelligent and to form a loving bond with the owner.


  • Labs can be trained to perform any task at hand.
  • Considered good helper dogs.
  • Good-tempered dog.
  • Go well with other dogs as well as other people.·    
  • Generally gentle with kids.
  • Waterdogs love any activity that involves water.
  • Often known to be particularly good at being friends even with cats.
  • Enjoys being pampered.


  • They require something meaningful to do throughout the day.
  • Lack of proper socialization can lead to unwanted behavior.
  • Usually not well suited if looking for guard dogs.
  • Difficult to control considering their large size, especially if not trained.
  • Water baby will love to jump in any puddle and will require regular grooming.
  • This breed tends to get overweight easily, especially if no feeding routine is followed.
  • Requires a good amount of daily exercise.
  • Are prone to get clingy especially if owners constantly pet them during the puppy phase.
  • This breed is susceptible to hip dysplasia issues in old age.

Labrador Retriever is a fit for someone who is moderately active and enjoys being around water. It is also a well fit for retired seniors who don’t lead a sedentary lifestyle. 

Price of Labradors in India: ₹6,000 to ₹20,000.

4. Beagle

Being a beagle parent can be a great adventure in itself, considering their sociable as well as mischievous nature. They are considered good for first-time owners because of their even temper. The Beagle breed is an excellent choice for someone having a small house. It is not recommended to get a beagle puppy if you are planning for a kid or have a toddler. Getting an adult dog may be a better fit.


  • Small and low maintenance.
  • Friendly breed.
  • Very adaptable
  • Free-spirited animal.
  • Always excited to see people and are snuggle babies.
  • Can thrive in varied environments.
  • Good watchdog and service dogs.


  • Vocal about their feelings.
  • Loves digging and can tear up your backyard.
  • Requires a lot of exercise.
  • Stubborn dogs and often considered clingy.
  • Hard to housebreak.
  • Easily picks up bad habits.
  • Prone to separation anxiety (can be tackled with training).
  • Mischievous and known to run away.
  • Can get carried away while playing with kids.
  • Prone to occasional tummy issues and ear infections.

Beagles make a good family pet for those who have time to train them, especially in their puppy days. Also, make sure you have tolerant neighbors before getting this dog. They are not suggested for someone who stays out of home for a long time.

Price: ₹23,000 to ₹25,000. Check out the Price and Monthly expenses of Beagle.

5. Indian Spitz

Do you recall ‘Tuffy’ from the movie: ‘Hum aapke hai kaun’? That breed of dog is Indian Spitz. It is often confused with pomeranian. They are considered one of the easiest dog to live with, hence is very popular in Indian families.


  • Ideal for the Indian climate.
  • Adapt well in small apartments as well as farmhouses.
  • Friendly and loyal towards owners.
  • Intelligent and are Known to understand human intentions.
  • High-spirited and loves adventure.
  • Protective for younger members of the family.
  • Has a longer lifespan compared to major dog breeds.
  • High tolerance with kids and elders.
  • Likes to keep themselves clean.
  • Very obedient and loyal.
  • Less susceptible to inherent diseases.


  • Know to greet outsiders with a peculiar bark.
  • Can get dominating if not familiar with the hierarchy in the family.
  • Often suffers from small dog syndrome.
  • They May get cranky if handled roughly.
  • Do not enjoy being groomed at all.

Indian Spitz is easy to adopt breed for first-time pet owners. Being apartment-friendly, they are a good fit for a middle-class Indian family. They are not suitable for someone who runs a homestay or has a lot of visitors.

Price: ₹10,000 to ₹15,000.

6. Pug

Pug has a devoted fan base and several qualities that make it an ideal breed for first-time owners. They are lap dogs who don’t require a high amount of outdoor activity. You will often find a pug randomly gazing at you.


  • Friendly and loyal.
  • Highly adaptable.
  • Known as Velcro dogs.
  • Natural people pleasers.
  • Great entertainers.
  • Calming nature and don’t bark a lot.
  • Good with kids.


  • Prone to respiratory issues and skin infections
  • Slightly stubborn
  • Requires proper grooming and hygiene
  • Prone to suffer from separation anxiety
  • Usually bond with one person a lot
  • Consistency in training is a must for this breed.

Pugs are an amazing breed to get for a family who lives in an apartment. This breed is highly recommended for families with introverted kids. Pugs are not advisable for people who enjoy taking their dogs out for hikes frequently.

Price of Pug in India: ₹13,000 to ₹18,000.

7.  German Shepherd

Contrary to popular belief GSD is a great breed for first-time pet owners, requiring that the pet parent has enough time to devote to the new family member.


  • Intelligent and affectionate.
  • Loyal breed.
  • Loves to obey commands.
  • Great family dog.
  • Heavily protective.
  • Great in any weather.
  • Brilliant watchdogs.


  • Time-consuming breed.
  • Likely to get bored easily.
  • Vocal breed.
  • Do not do well on their own.
  • If not properly socialized, this breed can get dangerous around kids.
  • Sheds a lot.
  • Almost always needs a task at hand.
  • Vulnerable to hereditary diseases.

German Shepherds is recommended for someone who works from one or has significant other to look after when the parent is away. They are not apt for someone who spends a lot of time away from home.

Price of German Shepherds in India: ₹18,000 to ₹25,000

8. Indian Pariah

Indian Pariah or Desi dogs are great for novice owners. Even though they are not recognized as a breed, they are widely accepted as pets and service dogs. A lot of people nowadays are considering adopting desi dogs over buying breeds. 


  • Easily adaptable to the Indian climate.
  • Smart and friendly.
  • Resilience to a lot of diseases.
  • Independent.
  • Easy to train.
  • Extremely alert.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to house train.
  • Each Indian Pariah is unique.
  • Economically viable.
  • Healthy life-span.


  • Can get protective about their pack.
  • Requires adequate socialization in the early days of adoption.
  • Usually do not trust strangers readily.
  • Needs regular exercise.
  • Can turn easily into fuzzy eaters.
  • Gets bored quickly.
  • May not be efficient at repetitive activities like fetch.

We strongly encourage adopting desi dogs compared to imported dog breeds. Adopting a dog not only gives you a new family member but also helps a canine in need.

This breed of dog is highly versatile and can adapt to the situation. This breed is highly suggested for someone who enjoys traveling. Indies are not recommended for someone who cannot spare time for training, especially in their puppy stage.

Price: Well there are a lot of Indian Pariha on the streets looking for a home like yours. You can just adopt them.

9. Yorkshire terrier

If you are looking for a lap dog, a Yorkshire terrier is a good starter dog. These dogs are good for small houses or for someone who prefers to take their dog everywhere. They are just like little human babies.


  • Easy to carry the dog.
  • Bold and intelligent.
  • Very active.
  • Owner pleasing attitude.
  • Enjoy learning new things.


  • Can get gloomy if left indoors for a long time.
  • Clumsy breed and might break a few small items.
  • Can get moody.
  • Barks can be annoying.
  • Potty training can be a difficult task.
  • Has grooming requirements.
  • Prone to dental sickness.

Yorkshire Terriers are excellent city dogs, ideal for apartments. They are not recommended for families with toddlers considering they can get slightly skittish.

Price: ₹15,000 to ₹20,000


Having said that, no dog is truly first-timer friendly. Just like raising a first child, you must put forth extra effort with your first paw-child. Regardless of which breed you choose, you have to learn the ropes of dog parenthood.

While narrowing down your list is beneficial, do keep in mind that just like humans, all breeds can be unpredictable. After all, each dog is a different individual. As a first-time dog parent, the best thing to do is to get in touch with a trustworthy veterinarian and dog trainer.

Above all, we are delighted that you are soon going to be an amazing dog parent.

Isha has been a Dog Lover her entire life and has owned many dogs over the years. Her immense experience of raising and training dogs has helped thousands of dog owners take better care of their dogs.

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