9 Best Raincoats for Dogs in India (2022)

Dogs, just like humans are not a lot enthused about walking in rain. There are many dogs who despise rain. Also, damp fur is the perfect condition for fungal and skin infections to develop.

So, a raincoat is a must-have for your dog to protect them from rainy-day worries and is a good way to prevent your pooch from having any temperature issues.

What factors should you consider before choosing the right raincoat?

  • Aside from an obvious requirement that a raincoat should be made of any water-repelling material, pet parents must ensure that the raincoat is of proper size. Not too tight to restrict the movement but not too loose to get caught in the legs. It should also not hinder the dog’s ability to do his/her business on walks.
  • As all the pet parents are aware, water and the dog’s ears are a complete no-no. So it is recommended to consider a raincoat that has a hood. 
  • Allow your dog to get aquatinted to the rainwear. We suggest starting to train your dog for the same with help of treats. 

With all the preferences and styling in mind, I have compiled the 9 Best Raincoats available in India.

1. PetWale Reflective Raincoat

When it comes to high-quality dog accessories that are comfy for your pet, Pet Wale always stands out in the market.

Their reflective Raincoats are especially preferable for dark rainy days.


  • Easy to Wear – The raincoats have buttons to secure around the legs and tail. The coat has both button straps and Velcro straps making it easier to wear.
  • Full Cover – The raincoat covers from the tummy to the neck and helps reduce the chance of mud splattering on your dog’s underside.
  • Safety – The reflective strips across the raincoat make it easily visible on dark rainy days, even from a distance. The coats are available in 9 vibrant colours.
  • High quality – The dual layer of the coat, made from human raincoat material, ensures that the water doesn’t penetrate. It is very soft and comfortable to wear. There is a leash opening on the back for your pet’s harness attachment. It is preferable to only hand wash these coats for longer use.

2. Oz International

OZ international is a pet wellness brand. Their double-layered raincoats are made from material that can keep your pet dry even in heavy rain.


  • Double-layered – OZ raincoats are made of two layers of polyesters making them water-resistant. It also aids in keeping your pet warm.
  • Harness friendly – The coats are adjustable for a perfect fit and have leash/harness holes.  
  • Adjustable hood – The hood comes with a drawstring to make it comfortable according to your pet and reduces the chances of fur getting wet.
  • Machine washable

3. Heads Up for Tails (Drizzle Buddy Raincoat)

HUFT is India’s 1st pet care brand in the industry, dedicated only to pets.

They have their stores throughout the country and have pet products from necessities to occasions.


  • Light Fabric – The raincoat is made of polyester taffeta lined with nylon. It is very light and airy, easy to remove and the fur doesn’t cling to the coat. It also has reflective lines on the coat. Their coat can keep your pet’s torso dry even after hiking in rain without interfering with the dog’s movement.
  • Elastic drawstrings – The elastic strings can help tighten the raincoat to fit your pet properly and protect your pet from muddy splashes. It also has Velcro fastening down the front. 
  • Easy to maintain – The coat can be washed in the machine.

4. TRIXIE Lorient

TRIXIE Lorient products are crafted for your pet’s comfort while also offering a practical solution to pet parents’ problems. Their rainwear is known for having a detachable hood.


  • Detachable hood – The hood of the raincoat can be removed and re-attached according to your pet.
  • Fit – Their jacket has full coverage, and has a Velcro clasp and leg straps. The rainwear has a collar slit for the leash and adjustable drawstrings for a snuggly fit. They have reflectors for better visibility in poor light.

5. Kitty & The Woof Gang (Rain Cape wear)

Kitty & woof gang is a luxury pet clothing label.

They believe that pets also have a passion for fashion and create handmade products that make your pets ready for the glam walk.


  • Unique Design – Unlike other raincoats, their rainwear is made to look like a cape. It makes it easier for pets to relieve themselves during walks. The poncho is also easy to wash, dry, and store. These dog coats have Velcro for both chest and belly making them easier to wear.
  • Quick-dry fabric – The coat is made of 100% polyester waterproof fabric. It is poncho material and dries off quickly. It is also washable
  • Full coverage hood – Their hood has sporty full coverage.  However, their design doesn’t fully cover the pet’s body and you still have to dry them off after walks.
  • Stylish and comfortable – The coats do look good on your pets. They have special coats with superman/captain America symbols on the back.
  • Wallet-friendly – Their Rain Cape Coat is available at a favorable price. However, they do not have full body coverage as others. Two different types of rainwear are available of the same brand: one with a single coat and one with a double.

6. PoochMate

Pooch mate is a brand that focuses on design and comfort for your dog.

The adjustable hood of their rainwear is what makes them stand out.


  • Adjustable – The coat’s hood and the bottom are adjustable which prevents water from seeping in and helps keep the coat dry. Front Velcro makes it easier to wear.
  • Stylish – This two-toned raincoat with contrasting colour double lining makes your dog stand out. The reflective tapes make your pooch better visible during night walks.
  • Better coverage – The raincoat covers the entire chest area.

7. That Dog In Tuxedo

That dog in tuxedo is a premium pet boutique brand whose designs are influenced by human fashion trends.

Their rainwear is known for its vivid neon colors.


  • Easy to wear – The Velcro adjustment and slit at the back for the leash make it simple to put on and take off
  • Fashionable – This coat is sleeveless and is available in 5 beautiful neon colors.

8. Mutt of course

Mutt of course is a brand that crafts and stitches each product with proper high-quality checks.

Their raincoats are known in the market as perfect gear for windy rains.


  • Mesh lining – The mutt of course raincoats have a mesh lining on the inside that helps in proper air circulation. It helps maintain the proper temperature of your pet. Their breathable fabric is definitely a plus feature of their product; however, the mesh lining can tear off if your pet’s nails are not trimmed properly.
  • Windproof – Their coats are not only waterproof but also windproof.
  • Comfort – Their coat has drawstrings around the hood for a better fit. They have a leash gap on the back of the coat.
  • Comes with a bag – The coat comes with a specially designed bag making it easier to carry.

9. Fetcher

Fetcher raincoats are recommended only for smaller breeds and are ultra-affordable.


  • Adjustable – The rainwear is adjustable around the neck and waist. They have a leash gap at the back of the rainwear.
  • Durable – The waterproof rainwear material is durable.
  • Budget-friendly – Their rainwear is sustainably cheaper than the equivalent brands.

How to fit your dog for rainwear

There is so universal sizing in dog clothing wears. The best way to get the right fit for your dog is to grab a measuring tape. Measure up the length of the dog’s back from tail to shoulder when your dog is standing in a relaxed position.

Some brands may also require chest girth measurement. You can measure the chest on the widest point of the chest when your dog is in a calm stance. You can maintain it 1 inch wider than its real measurement if your dog is very active.

Getting a raincoat is just a part of making the rainy walk bearable for your dog. If your dog has sensitive paws, you should definitely consider getting a set of boots or waterproof socks.

If your dog is afraid of loud noises, it is always best to plan your walk when the rain is light and the streets are quiet. Remember that your dog may still avoid the rain even though you have provided him with appropriate rainwear. They may go for a potty break and then refuse to continue.

For exercise, it is better to have backup plans such as a stair walk, hide and seek at home, and mental stimulation games.

For smaller breeds, you can even try indoor potty locations like fresh grass or toilet train your dog. Make sure to properly dry off your pet, especially in the paws and head. After the drying up, enjoy your pet’s zoomies session.

Isha has been a Dog Lover her entire life and has owned many dogs over the years. Her immense experience of raising and training dogs has helped thousands of dog owners take better care of their dogs.

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