10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in India

Dogs and humans are meant to be eternal friends. The love and care expressed by a dog is so pure and unreal. Everyone in the world needs a partner to be around with, all the time and for some people, it’s their dogs.

These lovable creatures are available in various breeds around the world, each one with its own special qualities, some are tall, some are short and some are full of fur.

As the population of dog lovers is increasing day by day in India, let’s see the top 10 most popular dog breeds in India in 2021 to make it easy for you to choose your fur love.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is also known as lab and Labrador. It is one of the most popular dogs in India. It is also known as one of the best family dogs. They easily adjust to various environments. 

Labrador is the best choice for people thinking of becoming pet parents for the first time as they are human-friendly and do not have any high maintenance requirements. They are short-haired with thick skin and are easily available in different colors such as black, white, brown, and cream. 

They are hardworking, intelligent, and can be trained very easily. Labradors are bulky and very cute dogs in nature and require exercise on a daily basis. They have a life expectancy of 10-14 years and shed moderately. 

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2. German Shepherd

German shepherds are also known as one of the best guard dogs. They have keen smelling and detecting skills compared to other breeds, because of which they are mostly used by military or guard work. 

The name German Shepherd is derived from their origin which is Germany, and they were used for herding sheep. They are the most intelligent and quick-learning dog breed compared to others.

They come in different colors which are; red black and tan black with thick double-coated skin.

As of 2021 German shepherds are very famous in India and are mostly available after Labrador.

If you are looking for a dog with utmost loyalty, then a German shepherd would be the best choice for you. They usually weigh around 25-35 kgs with a life span of 9-13 years.

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3. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky originated from Siberia and is commonly known as Husky or Sibe. They are highly intelligent, friendly, and gentle dog breeds. They gained immense popularity due to their thick fur coat and wolf-like body. 

They have a double coat that is thicker than most dog breeds. The undercoat is dense and fine, while on the other hand, the topcoat is long and thick.

As their bodies are built to protect them effectively against the harsh Arctic winds they won’t thrive well in humid conditions. 

So if you’re opting for a husky, make sure that they can cool down easily, especially during the hot Indian summers.

You can always give them cold treats after a long summer afternoon. They normally weigh around 15-30 kgs and the life span for a husky is 13-15 years.

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4. Beagle

Beagle is a small scent hound dog that is highly intelligent. They are quite famous for their adorable looks and floppy ears.

They resemble a miniature Foxhound, but their muzzle is shorter and the head is broader. They have a smooth domed skull with a black gumdrop nose. 

They possess a great sense of smell and amazing tracking instincts. Not only that but they are generally used as a guard dog, police dog, or detection dog all around the world.

Beagles have gained popularity due to their cute appearance and stubborn behavior. Don’t worry, they aren’t aggressive or harmful, but they enjoy a good play fight. 

They usually weigh around 9-14kgs and have a life expectancy of 12-15 years. If you are looking for a playful and loving family dog then a beagle is the right option for you.

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5. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most famous dogs in India when it comes to family dogs. The name Retriever refers to the breed’s ability to retrieve things.

Their obedient and loving nature makes them more adorable. With their origin from Scotland, they are medium-sized and good-looking dogs.

They are covered with a water-repelling inner coat and dense outer coat. Excessive shedding could be a problem, especially during the winter season. 

They tend to suffer from obesity, various infections, arthritis, and many more. They weigh around 25-35 kgs and their lifespan is 10-12 years.

Golden Retrievers are known to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds around the world because of their ability to learn things quickly.

They are quite docile and are usually used as service dogs or guide dogs. If you’re looking for a guard dog, then Golden Retrievers won’t be the ideal fit for you because of their gentle and friendly nature.

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6. Pug

Originating from China, Pugs are one of the most famous dog breeds in India. Their ability to adapt to small apartments makes them the ideal choice for an Indian household.

They are the sturdiest members of the toy group due to their mastiff heritage. They are also one of the oldest and ancient dog breeds in the world. 

Pugs are also known as “Vodafone ka Kutta” due to a famous ad campaign broadcasted by Vodafone. Since then, they have made a special place in the hearts of many dog lovers.

Not only that, they are extremely charming, clever, playful, and mischievous. They are good for families with children as they are calm and patient.

For people with no pet experience, Pug can be a good first choice. They are available in many colors such as Black, fawn, and many more.

One of the plus points of keeping a pug in an Indian household is that they blend well with Indian weather conditions.

7. Rottweiler

If you are looking for a dog who is loving and compassionate and also fierce enough to protect you and your house, then a rottweiler is the best choice for you.

Rottweilers are very well known for their strength and dominant nature which makes them a good fit to work as a military dogs or a police dogs. They are very famous in India for guarding houses and farms for their owners.

Rottweilers are exceptionally alert about their surroundings and have a great natural protective instinct.

They are infamously known as one the most dangerous dogs in the world. They are highly recommended for owners with dog experience as they can be tricky to handle.

Rottweilers are easy to groom as they have short hair with a double coat, and they adapt very well to Indian conditions.

Due to their extremely active lifestyle, their food must contain high protein to help their body function properly. Rottweilers are available in two colors, black and tan or black and mahogany.

They weigh around 50-65 kgs and their lifespan is 8-10 years.

8. Dachshund

Dachshunds are also known as sausage dogs due to their short legs and long body. They are available in two different sizes; one is miniature and one is standard.

They weigh around 9-12 kgs and their lifespan is 10-14 years. Don’t be fooled by their small appearance, their bark can scare any intruder. Excessive barking can be a major problem if not trained properly. 

In the early ages, Dachshunds were used for hunting small prey like rabbits and birds. As a result, they have great energy and stamina.

All these features make them an excellent watchdog. They don’t get along with strangers very well but are very loyal to their owners.

They have three varieties of coat which consist of a smooth coat with short hair, long-haired coat, and wire-haired coat.

They are normally found in a strong red color with a hint of tan and black. Some owners believe dachshunds are very funny and unpredictable and when it comes to training, dachshunds are difficult to train. 

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9. Great Dane 

Great Dane is also known as the “Apollo of Dogs’ ‘ Or German Mastiff. They can look intimidating due to their large body frame, but they are the perfect example of a gentle giant.

They are devoted, obedient, smart, athletic, friendly, and gentle. They can be trained easily because of their intelligence. 

They have a short coat that looks sleek and comes in various colors including fawn, blue, black, and harlequin.

Great Dane naturally has triangular floppy ears with a long body. It can get aggressive sometimes because of its territorial nature but with good training, such situations can be avoided.

Early socializing and puppy training are highly recommended. 

They are amazing family dogs and are tolerant of kids. Not only that, but they are also generally patient with other pets and small animals.

They can weigh around 50-80 kgs, and they have a life expectancy of 8-10 years.

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10. Pomeranian 

Pomeranian is a small size Spitz-type dog that is named after the Pomeranian region in Poland and northern Germany. This breed gained popularity in the 18th century as a royal dog.

Queen Victoria owned a small Pomeranian and soon this breed became universally popular. 

Pomeranian looks like a smaller version of an Indian Spitz, but they are two completely different breeds.

Poms are well known for their adorable appearance. They have a thick double coat that looks extremely fluffy and soft. The outer coat is long, straight, and coarse in texture, while the inner coat is short and soft. 

They are typically friendly, playful, and lively. Being vigilant about the environment, they often tend to be aggressive on hearing strange noises.

With proper training and socialization, they can prove to be the best dog for you. They can weigh up to 3.2 kgs and their life expectancy is around 12 to 16 years.

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Finally, we have ended our list of the most popular dog breeds in India. I hope you found this article helpful enough to find the idle dog for your family, as per your needs and lifestyle. 

Isha has been a Dog Lover her entire life and has owned many dogs over the years. Her immense experience of raising and training dogs has helped thousands of dog owners take better care of their dogs.

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