Kangal Dog Price In India [2022]: How Much Would It Cost

The Kangal is a powerful dog that which was a guardian since ancient times.

Apart from being muscular, he is smart and loyal to his owner.

Kangal is also known as ‘Anatolian Shepherd.’ But what is the price of Kangal dog and puppy in India?

Kangal Dog (Puppy) Price In India:

The Kangal dog price in India starts from 60,000 to 70,000 Indian rupees[2022]. Kangal is one of the rare dog breeds in India. That is why his price is very high. If you want, you can also import from Turkey.

Kangal Dog Price In Various Cities Of India:

I called more than 100 breeders of different places from India to know the Turkish Kangal dog’s price.

I have made a list of the Kangal dog price in India.

Kangal Price In Kolkata: Cost of Kangal dog or puppy in Kolkata is 65,000 to 68,000 Indian rupees.

  • Kangal Price In Chennai: You can get Kangal dog in 65,000 to 68,000 Rupees in Chennai.
  • Kangal Price In Mumbai: Kangal dog cost in Mumbai is around 68,000 to 70,000 INR.
  • Kangal Price In Kerala: Kangal puppy price in Kerala is 65,000 to 68,000 rupees.
  • Kangal Price In Delhi: In Delhi, you can get Kangal in 65,000 to 68,000 INR.
CityPrice (INR)
Tamil Nadu62,000 – 65,000
Pune68,000 – 70,000
Punjab60,000 – 62,000

Factors affecting Kangal Dog Price:

So, let’s see some of the factors that his price affect.

1. Location:

If you have a dog market in your area, you may get a Kangal at a slightly lower price. But this dog is rare in India, so you have to import it, which will increase the price.

Also, location to location Kangal price in changes.

2. Lineage:

Lineage defines a ‘Quality of dog.’

Whether you buy a dog from a dog mill or a dog breeder, you should know his ancestry.

3. Buying Place:

Buying place is one of the most affecting factor on Kangal price.

You can buy a dog from two places: Puppy mills and professional breeders.

It is tough to find a Kangal dog in a Puppy mill as it is a rare breed in India. And even if found, the quality of that dog will not be there. Better get it from a professional breeder. But for this, you have to play more.

Talking about India, the breeding of Kangal is negligible. Therefore, you have to import it.

4. Uniqueness:

The mark on the coat, the colour of the eyes can increase the price of the dog.

Monthly Expenses Of Kangal Dog In India:

Before buying a dog, you should know the monthly expenditure that it takes to raise a Kangal dog. So, let’s see the budget of the Kangal breed.

1. Feeding Cost Of Kangal:

Kangal is a territorial dog from ancient times. Thus, he requires high-quality dog food.

You can feed them high-quality kibble, raw meat (twice per week), bred, yogurt, and goat’s milk.

Always try to feed clean water. And do not forget to clean a bowl of water and food.

Here is a feeding plan of Kangal:

AgeMeals Per Day
Up to 12 weeksThree
3 to 6 monthsTwo
more than 6 monthsTwo

Here you have to understand the daily calorie intake of your dog. So, your dog will not become obese.

Gender of puppyPuppyAdult
Male3,700-5,000 calorie2,500 – 3,600 calorie
Female2,800 – 4,300 calorie2,000 – 2,900 calorie

So, the overall cost of feeding Kangal is 3,000 to 5,000 rupees.

2. Cost Of Grooming A Kangal:

Kangal has a thick short coat. So, brushing once a weak is sufficient to maintain its quality and reduce shedding.

Kangal sheds twice a year. You should visit the professional groomer before and after the shedding period.

Also, it is necessary to trim nails every month.

So, the overall cost of grooming Kangal dog is 300 to 500 rupees per month at home. It will be 1500 to 2000 rupees per month if you decide to visit a professional groomer.

3. Cost Of Vaccination And Vet:

Kangal is a very healthy breed. But you have to check up regularly for ear clean-up or any signs of anaesthesia. Also, you have to keep the teeth of Kangal clean.

Like other dogs, the cost of vet and vaccination is expensive for the first year. Kangal puppy requires attention and care.

The cost of vaccination for the first year can go up to 5000 to 7000 rupees.

4. Cost Of Neutering/ Spaying:

Neutering or spaying has a lot of benefits. It is perfect for your dog when you do not want to breed.

The cost of spaying or neutering in India is around 7,000 to 14,000 rupees. Also, you have to pay for other medicines, which will cost about 1600.

5. Cost Of Toys:

When you are working and do not have time for a dog, you can entertain him with a toy. Dogs enjoy a lot in playing with toys. That is why toys are necessary to keep a dog in the house.

Dogs like to bite at anything. That is why it is beneficial to give them toys.

The cost of toys will depend on your dog’s habit too.

6. Cost of treat:

Here, you have to understand when you have to treat and when not.

Please give him a treat only for a good reason. Otherwise, Kangal will not understand.

The cost of the treat will be around 500 rupees.

How To Check Kangal Dog Purity:

When you buy a dog, it is necessary to check its purity. Otherwise you can be cheated.

Here I will tell how can you tell if your Kangal dog is purebred without papers.

1. General Appearance:

Kangal is an intelligent dog breed. He is very calm in nature until you provoke him. His front portion is well muscular.

2. Head:

Here we will divide head in three sections: Eye, Ear and Skull


ColourDark brown to light amber

Other Information Related To Kangal Dog:

GenderHeight (inch)Weight (kg.)Life Span (Yrs.)
Male2950 to 6811 to 13
Female2736 to 5511 to 13

FAQ: Kangal Dog Price In India

Can Kangal live in apartment?

No. Kangal is a territorial dog breed. Kangal requires good amount of exercise.

How tall is a Kangal dog?

Mal Kangal dog is 29 inches tall while female Kangal is 27 inches tall.

Are Kangal dog good pet?

Yes, Kangal dogs are good pet. You need to socialize them in puppyhood. Kangal dog is loyal to his owners.

Is Kangal dog available in india?

Yes, there are many breeders in India. This dog can be comfortable in summer and winter. Due to which it can live in the environment of India.

Can Kangal Survive In India?

Yes. Kangal can survive in India. In hot weather, ample amount of water and enough shed must be provide to Kangal.

Is the Kangal the strongest dog?

Yes. In terms of dog bite Kangal is the strongest dog.


So, we discuss Kangal price in India, factors affecting its cost, and monthly expenses.

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If you still have some questions regarding Kangal dog, then please comment below. I will try to solve them.

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