10 Best Guard Dogs for Farmhouses in India

Guard dogs are wonderful four-legged friends that are ready to risk their lives for their owners. A guard dog is a dog that is used for protecting the house and family members from unwanted dangers like intruders.

It is one of the most common pets used for protection against danger. Dogs are not only kind, loving, and great companions but strong, obedient, loyal, and ready to take any risk for their loved ones. 

As we know there are different kinds of dog breeds but not all dogs are guard dogs. In today’s article, we will talk about the 10 Best guard dogs for farmhouses in India. 

1. Giant Schnauzer 

Giant Schnauzer is the perfect example of a gentle giant. They are sweet when at ease and can be trusted around kids. But don’t misjudge their sweetness as their weakness, they are territorial and intelligent.

They are aggressive, dominant, loyal, obedient, and protective. This breed has a powerful personality and needs to be trained strictly. They have a thick bushy coat that makes it difficult to seize them. 

They are one of the best large guard dogs and family dogs at the same time. Furthermore, they can weigh up to 28–37 kgs (male) and 25–34 kgs (female). Giant Schnauzer is originally from Germany and is easily available in India. You can find them in two colors, black or pepper, and salt. 

2. Boxer 

Boxers are medium-sized dogs, developed in Germany. They are a member of the AKC (American Kennel Club) as a working group. They have a smooth coat that is short and shiny. Not only that, but they are muscular and strong. You can get them in white, fawn, and brindle.

They are bright, energetic, and playful. Boxers can easily be trusted around children, they are patient around babies and this makes them the perfect family dog. They are protective over their families but aren’t aggressive or vicious.

They act according to the situation and work with their instinct. Boxers are a great option as guard dogs, as they are the perfect mixture of strong-headed and sweet dogs. 

3. Kangal Shepherd Dog 

Kangal Shepherd Dog is a large-sized dog and was generally used as a guardian dog. Back in the day, it was used for guarding livestock against dangerous predators. It was trained to fight against wolves and bears in its native. Imagine having such a breed as a guard dog, you will forever feel safe. 

Don’t worry they are usually calm and collected, their protective instinct only kicks in the case of possible danger. They are strong, independent, active, and controlled. If correctly trained and well-socialized, they can be friendly and good with children. They are perfect guard dogs for people living in a farmhouse. 

4. Argentina Dogo 

Argentina Dogo is a big gaming hunting dog. It is originated in Argentina and stands tall up to 60–70 cm. They have a short white coat that is thick enough to protect them against enemies. 

They are often used as search and rescue dogs, service dogs, and assistant dogs for the disabled. Argentina Dogo is social and energetic. They are extremely enthusiastic about different tasks and highly territorial. 

They have a natural protective instinct and need to be trained strictly. It needs regular exercise to maintain its health and athletic body. 

5. German Shepherd 

German Shepherds are some of the most famous dogs in India. They are commonly used as guard dogs, police dogs, and service dogs. They are extremely protective, loyal, and intelligent. They are well known for their loyalty towards their owners and are reliable.

They are defined as self-assured in breed standards. They can become highly territorial if not socialized properly. German Shepherds aren’t the best with strangers or possible threats and can get aggressive. They require a moderate level of exercise.

GSD is also popularly known for its willingness to learn and curiosity. They are the perfect search dogs and excellent guard dogs. 

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6. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff is a German dog breed and is a crossbreed of English Mastiff and Old English. Bullmastiffs are known for their speed and bite strength. 

They weigh around 60 to 68 kgs and have a beautiful yet strong coat. They can be seen in red, fawn, and brindle. They are strong, intelligent but sensitive and need to be handled with strictness and love. With proper training and socialization, they can become good family dogs.

You need to be consistent and patient while socializing as they are territorial and overly protective of their families. They are easy to train but just need a little push. 

7. Rottweiler 

Rottweilers are the second most dangerous dogs in the world. They are the perfect guard dogs as they are always alert. They have a great instinct and are protective of their loved ones.

Their aggressive behavior makes them a little difficult to handle, but their determination makes them unique. Rotties are also used as guard dogs, police dogs, and search and rescue dogs. 

They originate from Germany and were used as herding dogs. They have a thick coat that is short and hard. Rottweilers need intense exercise and mental stimulation. Rottweilers are smart, devoted, curious, territorial, and obedient. All these qualities make Rottweilers the ideal guard dogs for a farmhouse. 

8. Cane Corso 

Cane Corso is an Italian breed of mastiff and is available in India. They have a very intimidating look on their face, one glance can scare any intruder. They have an aura about themselves and their energy is powerful. 

These dogs are docile and smart. They are defensive, determined, loyal, disciplined, and trustworthy. Even with this intense look and strong personality, they are compassionate towards children and family members. 

Socializing is vital for them as they have territorial instincts and are sometimes overprotective of their loved ones. If they aren’t conditioned well enough, they turn aggressive and uncontrollable. 

9. Doberman

Doberman is no surprise, you might have expected them on our list. Doberman is a well-known dog in the guard dog category and is renowned for its ability to provide protection. They are heavy-footed and have an elegant gait. Their tails are usually docked which is considered an inhumane act. 

Their personality is presumed to be aggressive and troublesome, but they are born guard dogs. They are large, intimidating, fearless, curious, and obedient. They are rated as the 5th smartest dog in the world, and they are highly alert. 

They need adequate exercise on a daily and a healthy diet. A farmhouse is perfect for them as they enjoy their training sessions and are highly energetic. They learn to respect and follow instructions easily and that is why they are excellent guard dogs. 

10. Great Dane

Great Danes are considered clever, active, fast, and loyal. They are tall, athletic, quick-tempered, and strong-headed. They are great at fighting with other dogs or intruders.

They stand tall up to 80-90 cm (male) and 72-85 cm (female). Great Danes are a good combination of strength, willpower, and elegance. They have a beautifully sculpted body with a smooth coat. 

A Great Dane has a graceful appearance with a hint of aggression. Besides having such intense qualities they are deeply compassionate about their owners. They are easy to train and usually follow all commands. 

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We have finally finished our list of the 10 best guard dogs for farmhouses in Indian. I hope you guys find this helpful and can find the right guard dog for your home. 

Isha has been a Dog Lover her entire life and has owned many dogs over the years. Her immense experience of raising and training dogs has helped thousands of dog owners take better care of their dogs.

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