7 Best Grooming Brushes for Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies have award-winning coats debatably among all the other breeds in the world. The two-layered coat doesn’t just look shiny and beautiful but also works as natural insulation against both cold and hot temperatures. Thus, maintaining the coat of a Siberian husky becomes very important as it is an essential part of the dog’s healthy life. 

Buyer’s Guide:

When it comes to grooming and taking care of Siberian Huskies, the questions that arise are ‘what kind of grooming do they need? And how frequently do they need it?’ Well, it is commonly known that Huskies do not really need a lot of grooming. They do not need haircuts, clipping, or summer shavings. The grooming practices for a Siberian Husky only include brushing during their ‘de-shedding seasons.

Siberian Huskies shed their undercoats twice a year; during the spring as the weather starts warming and again during the fall to pave the way for growing a new undercoat for the winters. During these times, Siberian Huskies need to be groomed with de-shedding brushes to make the process easier for them. 

It is also very important to never shave or clip the coat of a Husky as the coat functions as insulation against cold and heat. The coat also protects their skin from sunburns. 

Huskies also need grooming to stop their fur from getting matted. A good brushing under the belly and near the tail can help detangle the potential matting as the mat can be potentially harmful to your husky, destroying the insulation of the coat. The ideal brushes for such requirements are wide-toothed brushes

Here are the 7 best brushes for your Siberian husky available on Amazon India!

1. HANK Pet Grooming Brush [De-shedding Tool]

Hank’s Pet grooming brush comes as an excellent de-shedding tool for Siberian Huskies. It is the perfect brush to facilitate the process of seasonal de-shedding of the undercoat. It reduces the shedding of fur up to 95%, helping you keep your surroundings clean and devoid of pet hair.

The brush comes with a 4-inch detachable stainless steel comb making it very easy to clean. The handle is made of durable rubber and is designed to have a non-slip grip. This brush has small and even teeth as it is specially designed to not hurt your pooch.

The design also makes sure that the topcoat doesn’t get damaged and is a great option for big breeds with long hair. 

2. KOKIWOOWOO De-matting Comb

The de-matting comb by Kokiwoowoo is the ideal tool for detangling your Siberian husky’s long fur and removing any kind of matting. The matting of Husky’s coat is potentially harmful to them as matting becomes cold/hot and destroys the natural insulation of the coat.

This dematting comb is specially designed to give your Husky a shiny and smooth coat just after using it once. Made from irritation-free stainless steel, the comb has 2.75-inch precision-engineered steel blade that provides gentle but precise de-tangling.

The blades are rounded on the outside and sharp on the inside so that it is possible to efficiently cut through the matted fur without hurting your Husky even a little bit. Just a 5 min brushing with the de-matting comb can do a lot of work as it has two sets of blades that make grooming easier and faster. 

3. Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

Cleaning the fur from your brush can be difficult after grooming; especially when it’s the fur of long-haired breeds like Siberian Huskies. The unique design of this brush includes a self-cleaning mechanism that cleans out the tangles fur on the brush in just 5 seconds.

The effectively removes mats, tangles, dirt, and loose fur from your pet’s coats with minimal effort. The brush also features soft and flexible bristles that are very gentle on the Husky’s skin and do not hurt at all.

The self-cleaning feature has a button that can be simply pushed and the brush can be wiped for easy cleaning. This excellent brush is ideal for medium and long-haired dogs and cats of all breeds. 

4. Foodie Puppies double-sided comb for Dogs 

Foodie Puppies’ double-sided comb is a multi-purpose comb as it comes with two different kinds of bristle densities on both sides of the handle. This 17 cm long comb comes with a wooden handle that is comfortable to hold and is suitable for all breeds. 

The ideal way of de-matting a Siberian husky is by starting slowly with a larger gap-toothed brush or comb and then proceeding with faster and intense strokes with a finer comb. Thus this comb is a must-have tool for Siberian husky owners as the comb has two essential densities of bristles on both sides making it equivalent to two tools.

The finer bristled side can also be used as a flea comb or a tool to check for skin infections and diseases. Made with durable stainless steel, the comb is very durable and grants your Siberian husky comfortable, easy, and irritation-free grooming sessions. 

PS: The little paw designs on the handle make the comb a little extra cute!

5. W9 Double-sided wooden pin brush

W9 double-sided brush is potentially an essential wooden brush for Siberian huskies. Just like the above-mentioned double-sided comb, this brush has two sides with different kinds of bristles making it equivalent to two essential tools. 

One side of this wooden brush has wide-gapped wire bristles with tips that facilitate the initial de-matting grooming while the other side has finer Nylon bristles. Both sides also help in maintaining both the outer top layer and the inner base layer.  The base of the brush is pretty wide making it ideal for long-haired breeds. 

6. Paws Samrat Pet Grooming Glove & Gentle Deshedding Brush

Handling your Husky’s shedding fur can be a tedious task during the spring and fall; especially if your pooch isn’t habitual to standing still during grooming sessions. In such ‘adverse’ conditions, Paws Samrat Pet Grooming Glove and Gentle Deshedding Brush can be the biggest help you are looking for!

These bristled gloves aren’t just a very effective de-shedding tool but they also make your Husky feel like they are just being patted rather than being groomed. Free from any potential irritants, these gloves are the easiest possible way to gather loose hair from your Siberian Husky’s body while the soft bristles give them a relaxing massage that will improve their blood circulation.

The glove is also easy to clean as the shedding hair sticks to the glove, allowing for the collected fur to be easily peeled away from it with minimum effort. The more hair you collect in the glove, the easier it is to peel it off. 

The glove is available in free-size i.e. one size fits all and has an adjustable wrist strap for comfortable fitting. The glove is also easier to wash as it is washing-machine safe; throw it in the machine and hang the clean glove to dry so that you have a clean glove each time you need it. 

7. Cozy Puppies Superdog Hand Brush

Siberian husky puppies have a ‘fuzzy’ coat that is a bit different than the adults. They shed this coat after age and grow the double-layered adult coat just as human children lose their milk teeth and grow a new set of teeth. This hand brush is the best tool for de-shedding puppies as it is gentler than the adult brush that can potentially hurt the puppies. 

However small and compact this brush may look, but it truly is a magnificent brushing tool with multiple uses. Made up of completely natural unrefined matte finish rubber, the brush is very gentle on the skin and contributes fewer chemical footprints to the environment.

As the brush is waterproof, it can be used as a bathing brush. When used for batching, this brush helps lather shampoo and gives a soothing massage to your pooch while rubbing away the dirt very gently.

As a dry brush, it can also be used as a de-shedding tool. The brush holds the gathered hair together without making a mess and gently tugs away the loose hair out. 

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Siberian huskies are surprisingly easier to maintain as they do not really require heavy grooming practices including haircuts and ‘curl management’. However, they go into their ultra de-shedding modes twice a year and that’s when they need some extra help from you.

Huskies’ have sensitive skins and thus it is important to remember to buy grooming brushes and combs that are made up of non-irritant materials and have bristles or blades that cannot hurt the skin in any way while. 

Happy Grooming! 

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