7 Best Dog Food brands for your Siberian Husky

Considering the fussy eater’s Siberian huskies are, choosing the right kind of diet for your Husky can be a difficult task. For a new pet owner, it can be hugely tedious to find the right brand with the overwhelming number of brands available online.

Thus this little list here can come in handy for you if you find yourself stuck in a similar dilemma; so jump in! 

So what exactly are the dietary requirements of your husky?

It’s very commonly known that Siberian Huskies need a protein-rich diet. But that certainly does not mean that only proteins are enough. Like any other breed (or species of mammal for that matter), Siberian Huskies require a well-balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Huskies aren’t ‘absolute’ carnivores; even their ancestors ate meat and plants in the wild. Thus Siberian huskies do need a good balance of animal protein and plant produce.

And, how to actually decide how much to feed your Siberian husky?

The best way to feed your Siberian Husky is to feed them with dry kibbles and wet food in a proportion of 80:20. Siberian Huskies don’t really eat a lot. So the quantity of the food your pooch requires depends on certain factors including: 

  • The quality of the food
  • Age of the Husky
  • Size and Body weight of the Husky
  • Activity levels 

The quality of the food; the protein and fat content decide how long your dog feels full after eating. Depending on these factors, some foods get digested slowly while some others take a longer time than usual.

Similarly, Puppies can eat more frequently in smaller amounts while the adults tend to eat larger amounts only a few times a day; usually twice. The size and weight of the husky should also be considered as 40-60 grams of food per kilo of the bodyweight is considered the ideal amount.

And lastly, activity levels of any dog, including Siberian huskies are a big factor that decides the digestion frequency of the food as more activity requires more energy. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, it can still be overwhelming to choose the right brand online or offline from all the brands available and that is why we are here for the rescue! 

7 best dog food brands to choose from

1. Purina Super coat Dry food [for adult]

Purina’s Super coat Dry food is one of the best dry foods that your Siberian husky will enjoy while it gives them all the nutrients they require.

Australia’s no 1, now in India; Purina’s Super coat Dry food has the perfect blend of cereals, chicken and chicken proteins, Fish proteins, milk solids, soluble fibers, invert syrup and added vitamins and minerals without any artificial colors and flavors, which makes it the perfect balanced meal for your Siberian Husky.

Suitable for almost all dog breeds, it has 23% protein and 10% fat with healthy fats like Omega 3 and 6. Purina’s protein-rich dry food not only helps build your Husky’s muscles but the fatty acids also help in keeping the skin healthy and the coat shiny.

The vitamins and minerals take care of the Husky’s immune system and the fibers keep their guts as healthy as they can be. 

2. Purepet Adult Smoked Chicken and Purepet Adult Dog Food

Purepet’s Smoked Chicken adult food is a recommendable choice for all breeds. It is the best possible dry food if you want to maintain a balanced body weight for your Siberian husky and keep them agile and active.

Purepet’s dry food contains all-natural ingredients like cereals and their by-products, chicken protein, Vegetable oils, salts, essential vitamins, added minerals, and antioxidants.

Purepet’s perfect blend of all nutritional factors makes it a good choice to be served as a whole meal which makes it a very economical choice as well. The added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in it help boost your Husky’s health, immunity, and vitality.

Purepet’s smoked chicken adult food is light and easily digestible which makes it more ideal for the older pooches than the young ones. 

3. Pedigree pro expert nutrition Large breeds dry food [for puppies]

Compared to adults puppies require a diet richer in Fat and Protein as an essential to growth-related needs. Siberian huskies are considered to be a medium to large breed and thus their puppies may need the highest protein-containing diet.

In such situations, Pedigree’s PRO expert nutrition dry food for large breed puppies can be considered the best choice. With its 32% protein, 14% fat, and 5% fibers, it becomes the richest dry food for your pooch helping them to grow into strong and healthy adults.

The ingredients are all-natural and contain Cereals and cereal by-products, chicken and chicken by-products, meat and meat by-products, defatted toasted soy flour, soya oil, added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids along with soy protein isolate, iodized salt, oligosaccharides, and glucosamine.

Pedigree’s pro expert dry food also has a very precisely calculated calcium-phosphorus proportion that helps in the development of the puppy’s bones while the Glucosamine and omega fatty acids help in maintaining healthy joints. This dry food is ideal for 3-18-month-old puppies. 

4. Meat up Chicken Gravy Supplement 

When it comes to wet food, the options can be pretty limited to wholemeal chicken livers and vegetables in gravy. But Meat up’s Chicken Gravy Supplement is a semi-liquid wet food that can be served as it is or can be mixed with absolutely anything like rice or even dry kibbles.

This gravy supplement is a jelly-based product and is appropriate for all breeds and all ages thus making it a very good choice for Siberian husky adults and puppies. Meat up’s Chicken gravy supplement supports your Husky’s natural skin barrier.

The easy-to-digest formula promotes better metabolic and digestive health boosting the appetite of your husky. Omega 3 Fatty acids like EPA and DHA take care of your husky’s skin and keep the coat shiny. 

It is however advisable to initially buy it in smaller quantities to test if your husky likes it as some dogs have been observed no not like the smell and texture as a personal preference.

5. Pedigree Adult wet food with Vegetables in grill Liver flavor Gravy 

Pedigree’s adult wet food is truly a complete meal for your Adult Siberian husky as it not only has real chicken but also vegetables grilled liver-flavored gravy. The moist chicken chunks are slowly cooked in the gravy which helps in retaining all the nutrition and the flavor.

What makes this wet food one of the best for Siberian huskies is the aroma and the flavor of the gravy that is tempting enough to become the favorite of even the most notorious fussy eaters that huskies are.

The chicken vegetable can be mixed easily with home-cooked food or even dry kibbles making it a gourmet treat for your pooch. The water content of the food compensates for hydration in your husky’s body decreasing the chances of kidney stones. 

6. Kennel Kitchen wet dog food Lamb chunks in Gravy [both for adults and puppies]

Kennel Kitchen is one of the leading canines and feline food brands are known for making gourmet wet foods that are packed both in packets and cans.

The Kennel Kitchen lamb gravy really is one of the best-wet foods for Siberian huskies as they need a rich protein diet and lamb is known to be one of the best protein sources. Made with the most premium quality lamb, this wet food provides the essential amino acids for muscle development in a delicious way.

It is completely wheat-free thus very easily digestible for Siberian huskies.  With no artificial colors and flavorings, the highly organic flavorful gravy is so tempting that your dearest pooch will absolutely love it!

7. Chip Chops Dog Treat Roast Chicken Strips

Treats are one of the most important parts of a dog’s diet. Apart from the nutritional values, treats are very necessary to maintain good oral and dental health. Chip Chop’s Roasted duck stripes are among the best dog treats when considered for Siberian Huskies.

These treats have absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners and are rich in protein. Made out of freshly sourced Chicken meat, these treats help your huskies have stronger teeth and fewer tartar depositions. The treats come in a re-sealable bag making them easier to store. 

Chip chops also have a wide range of dog treats that includes diced chicken, chicken tenders, sausages, Chicken cod sandwiches, and many more! 

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Each Husky has their likes and dislikes when it comes to the taste of the food. All the dry and wet food listed above may be allergen-free and nutrition-rich, but not all huskies may like the taste, smell, and texture of all of them.

So as a Husky parent it is important to observe what exactly works for your pooch and continue with the diet in the right proportions. It may be difficult to figure out the ABSOLUTE best for your husky but you can always read the ingredients! (Yes, even when it’s written ‘Husky Food’ on it)

Happy food Hunting! 

Isha has been a Dog Lover her entire life and has owned many dogs over the years. Her immense experience of raising and training dogs has helped thousands of dog owners take better care of their dogs.

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