Can Bichon Frise survive in India?

Who doesn’t like a cute little angel living in their house? An angel with white silky fur, cute little paws, and an innocent face. You might be wondering what am I talking about, or where is this conversation going?

Well, lovely folks, I am talking about the cute, innocent yet intelligent Bichon Frisé. They look like sweet blessings straight dropped from heaven. Their merry and curious nature makes them the perfect house dog. They are developed as a companion dog breed and easily get along with children and other animals.

Are you planning to get a Bichon Frisé? But can Bichon Frise survive in India?

Bichon Frise can survive in India. They can tolerate moderate heat which makes them an ideal dog breed for most Indian states. However, during extreme weather, they may need extra care.

Well, in today’s article we will answer all your questions and find out “Can Bichon Frisé survive in India? 

Origin of Bichon Frisé 

The Bichon Frisé is often portrayed as a French dog, even though the Bichon breed is originally from Spain.

They were used as herding and sailing dogs but later the French developed them into gentle lap dogs. They are a great companion dog breed and are generally very sociable.

Likewise, they are playful, affectionate, curious, intelligent, sensitive, obedient, and feisty. They aren’t territorial but if they are affiliated with a particular territory or encouraged by the owners they can get extremely territorial and reserved.

It is crucial to train them properly from a very young age and not associate them with a space or object. They aren’t considered retrievers or water dogs by modern standards. Due to their ancestry of being a sailor, they have an affinity for water and retrieving things.

They are perfect family dogs due to their merry and cheerful nature. 


Bichon Frisé has a coat that requires constant care and grooming. They are blessed with a beautiful silky, curly, and voluminous coat. Diligent grooming helps get rid of loose hair, and dead skin and prevents dander.

If you are planning to buy a bichon frisé or already have a bichon frisé you might be wondering can they survive in India? 

Bichon Frisé’s tolerance to heat

Surprisingly, Bichon Frises have a good tolerance to hot weather conditions and high temperatures. They can easily thrive in moderately hot areas and live comfortably.

But if the weather conditions become extreme, they might need a good amount of care and protection from heat. Extreme heat is an unfavorable condition for their health and safety.

Bichon Frisé’s tolerance to cold 

Bichon Frisé’s can wonderfully flourish in cold conditions. They have an above-average tolerance to cold, but that doesn’t mean they should be kept in extreme wintry areas without protection.

They should be kept warm, comfortable, and away from extreme temperature drops. 

Indian Climate 

India is considered a hot country, as the general climate ranges between 22°c to 32°c. Most of North India is warm or is mildly chilly during the winters and the climate in south India is generally hotter compared to the North.

Bichon Frisé is not too common in India, but they can live comfortably in Indian weather conditions. They can withstand heat better than others, and they don’t need cold weather like some other breeds.  

Bichon Frisé has a double coat with a soft and dense undercoat and a coarse outer coat. Their bodies are designed to help them insulate their body against harsh climates and protect them. Overheating is quite common in double-coated dog breeds like bichon Frisé. Sometimes overheating can lead to a higher risk of suffering from heatstroke.

Most dog breeds with a double coat are at a higher risk for such situations compared to others. As a paw parent, it’s your responsibility to help them cool down faster, especially during the harsh summers in India.

Here are some tips to help your fur baby cool down faster. 

1. Maintain a normal to cool temperature 

The normal body temperature of a Bichon Frisé is 101.5 °F (38°c). On an average summer day, the temperature can rise up to 41°c and easily cause overheating in such dogs.

The best solution to this problem is to move your furry baby to a cooler place like an air-conditioned room, under some shade, or even under a fan. This allows them to regulate their body temperature and cool down easily. 

2. Hydration 

Coldwater should be available all day. Place multiple bowls or stand bottles throughout the house for better access.

Carry a water bottle during walks and a mini spray bottle to sprinkle some water on their face and body for a refreshing experience. 

3. Ice treats and water beds 

Ice treats are one of the best ways to cool down in the yummiest way possible. Pour some chicken stock on an ice tray and pop them in the freezer.

Ta-da! Juicy yummy pawsicles are ready. 

Water beds are amazing for Bichon Frisé, as it allows them to cool down quickly and rest at the same time. Inflatable pool beds are an affordable option for parents on a budget.

You can also use a wet towel to cool your dog. 

4. Avoid hot surfaces 

Stand on grass or soft surfaces with your pooch instead of a hot burning cement surface.

Hot surfaces can easily burn your dog’s sensitive paws, especially during summers. 

5. Walk timings

The best time to take your dog for a walk is in the evening or at night. This is great for Bichon Frisé as the temperature can drop up to 28°c, and they can play freely without stressing about the heat. 

You can also opt for cooling bandanas while playing or running. They work effectively by cooling the neck area, which in turn cools down the rest of the body. 

Indian Streets 

India is a densely populated country with thousands of streets, heavy crowds, traffic, and crazy drivers.  They are generally obedient and disciplined, but they are also very curious by nature. This curiosity can easily stimulate their brain, and they might just start running or exploring things.

Hence, your dog must be fully leashed while going on walks.  As a pet parent, the last thing you want is your pooch getting lost. They can accidentally hurt themselves or get into fights with other stray dogs.

This is a high-risk situation for any dog, so make sure your dog is fully leash trained and has a name tag with your contact information. 


We can finally conclude that Bichon Frisé CAN easily thrive in India. They have good tolerance towards heat and with some extra support/care, they can live a long and healthy life.

I hope you guys find this article helpful and informative. Make sure you follow the tips for effective cooling and general safety. 

Isha has been a Dog Lover her entire life and has owned many dogs over the years. Her immense experience of raising and training dogs has helped thousands of dog owners take better care of their dogs.

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