7 Best Treats for Labradors in India

Dog Treats are an essential part of every Labrador’s training. They are a great positive reinforcement for your dog. However, to make these treats tastier for dogs, manufacturers often compromise on their nutritional values.

Not all treats are healthy, and feeding them more can make your lab fat and unhealthy. So I decided to make this list of the 7 best dog treats for Labradors in India. Apart from that, I have also made a Buyer’s guide of treats in the end.

1. Kennel Kitchen Chicken Stick Treats


Kennel Kitchen soft baked treats are protein-made and perfect treats for your labrador. They are small yet full of flavors; these are produced using top-quality meat that will keep your labrador happy throughout the day.

These are free from fillers such as corn, soy, wheat, grain, and additive-free, making them the ideal go-to snack for quality and taste. These serve as the perfect nutritious snack and training rewards for your labrador. It is also available in two other flavors: fish and lamb.


  • Highly digestible
  • Free from fillers and additives
  • High nutritional value
  • Perfect soft treat
  • High quality and taste

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2. Meat Up Chicken Flavour Biscuits


This is a perfect crunchy treat for your labrador. It helps in removing plaque and tartar. It is available in different delicious flavors such as chicken, mutton, and milk. This treat is made with all the natural and high-quality ingredients.

It includes all the necessary nutrients and makes this treat a healthy snack. It can be used to give rewards and while training. Omega 3 and fatty acids keep the coat shiny.


  • Affordable
  • Promotes shiny coat
  • Made with real ingredients
  • No added color or flavors
  • Highly nutritious
  • Healthy and tasty snack

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3. Chip Chops Chicken & Codfish Sandwich Dog Treat


Chip Chops Treat is an ideal treat for your labrador to reward them during training as well as for good behavior. It is packed with all the nutrients and is free from sugar. It is high protein content that helps in building and repairing bones, muscles, and tissues.

The nutrition extracts from codfish and chicken make it digestible. This flavor is extremely delicious and will make your labrador happy. It is also available in other tasty flavors such as roasted duck, diced chicken, fish stick, etc.


  • Crunchy treat
  • Highly nutritious
  • Builds bones and muscles
  • Available in different flavors
  • Easily digestible

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4. Dogsee Chew Puffies


Dogsee Chew Puffies are crunchy treats as well as dental bites. It can be used for chewing, as they are soft biting treats that can be used for puppies as well. Their shape makes it easy to remove plaque and tartar. They are heated to give a nice texture and delicious flavor.

The cheesy flavor will make this a favorite treat for your labrador. It contains high protein that will provide energy as well as build their bones and muscles. It has low fat to help in weight management.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • High protein and low-fat content
  • Free from preservatives and colors
  • Delicious
  • Soft dental treaties

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5. Meat Up Pressed Chew Bones, Dog Treats


Meat Up Chew Bones is a perfect treat for your labrador as it will provide long-lasting chewing. It will keep your dog happy and engaged for hours and discourage them from destructive behavior.

It will help in improving the oral health of your labrador. It cleans their teeth and removes the build of tartar. It can be used for their playtime, during training, and as a reward for good conduct.


  • Keeps dogs engaged
  • Ideal for teething dogs
  • Improves oral health
  • Works as a reward
  • Natural ingredients

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6. Captain Zack Dog Treats


Captain Zack’s freeze-dried dog treat is crunchy and tasty. It is made from fresh and natural ingredients. It includes vitamins, minerals, and lauric acid that improves metabolism, promote weight loss, and reduces joint pains. It will also help in fighting against any infection or viruses.

It can be used to reward them for good behavior and be garnished in their regular food to make it tastier. The freeze-dried coconut has the same nutritional value as of fresh coconut.


  • A lot of health benefits
  • Multiple uses
  • Natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian
  • Flavourful and crispy

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7. Meat up Calcium Bone Treat


Meet Up Calcium Supplement Treat has many health benefits and is an excellent choice for a labrador. The calcium and phosphorus in it and other vitamins increase the strength of the bones and tissues. It will keep your dog healthy and strong.

It can be given as rewards for good behavior, during training, as a snack after a meal, and for chewing. It makes their teeth strong and reduces destructive urges. It works as a supplement to keep them healthy.


  • Makes teeth stronger
  • Promotes healthy bones
  • Keeps dog strong and healthy
  • Chewing treat
  • Vegetarian

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Things to Consider while Buying Treats for Labradors

Let’s look into some factors you must know before you select dog treats for your labrador.

Types of Treats

I realize that there are various sorts of pet treats available in India. So let’s go through all these different types of treats:

  • Crunchy treats: Crunchy treats incorporate tasty, crunchy biscuits available in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. They are healthy and nutritious. These sorts of treats are ideal for rewarding your labrador for their good behavior.
  • Soft Treats: These are treats that are delicate and chewy in texture. They are accessible in various flavors, shapes, and sizes. They are ideal for rewarding your labrador during training to show your satisfaction and love.
  • Freeze Dried: These are the best treats to give to your labrador as they are accessible in forms like meats, lamb, fish, and poultry. These are frozen and afterward dried to protect them for a long time.
  • Dental Chew: Dental chews, like the names suggest, are made for biting purposes from cornstarch and other absorbable materials. They are accessible in the types of bones (no animal bones included). These treats are valuable for the dental wellbeing of your labrador as it helps in the removal of tartar while keeping their teeth solid.
  • Rawhide: This is another kind of treat that is made using animals and further treated with chemicals. These treats may cause issues like gastrointestinal blockages and other stomach-related problems. Thus, dental bites are chosen over rawhide.

The purpose behind giving the treat

The fundamental factor to consider before buying a treat is understanding the purpose of giving the treat to your pet. The treat can be a method of showing love and affection to your labrador or rewarding them for good behavior.

You can give them treats during training as well to motivate them to perform better. You can likewise give the treat for its dietary benefit as a solid and tasty bite.

Nutritional Value

You need to understand that pet treats don’t provide your pet with the total health benefits like pet food. Be that as it may, they are the best snack or reward to provide your pet with. Thus, it is fundamental to check the nutritional value of the treat.

Ideally, they should contain all the fundamental nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, minerals, omega 3, and fatty acids. The treats should likewise be enriched with fiber as it improves and helps in digestion.

Size of the treat

The size of the treat should be decided on the size of your pet. It ought to be sufficiently small and should not be given in large quantities and should not be given a lot of time as it will overload your labrador.

For training purposes, the size of the treat should be well-suited for quick consumption.


Go for a flavor that your labrador cherishes. Generally, they are inclined towards flavors like chicken, lamb, milk, and so on. A taste that your labrador loves is considerably more fulfilling, rewarding and ends up being a genuine delight for them.

The treat should be palatable and have an enticing fragrance that would entice even the fussy eaters to eat it.


Like other food items, you need to check the ingredients of the treat before you get it. The main ingredient should be chicken, milk, or lamb.

This should be joined by regular flavors, emulsifiers, flour, nutrients, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, omega 3, fatty acids, etc. Aside from that, make sure that the treat doesn’t have artificial color, flavor, or additives.


Treats are intended to be rewards given to your pet to reveal it. The treats you buy should suit your labrador, and they should be effectively digestible.

This keeps your pet from vomiting after eating it and stomach issues, like bloating or other digestion issues.

Final Thoughts

Treats are a great way to make your dog feel your love and affection. It helps you reward them, trains them, improve their oral health, promote shiny and overall health. I hope this article was helpful to you. Buy any of the treats from the list mentioned above and shower them with your love.

Raaj is a proud parent of two adorable dogs. He has ample knowledge of raising and taking care of pets. Apart from that, he is also a part of an NGO that feeds stray animals.

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