Belgian Malinois Price In India [2021]: Know Price In Your City

The Belgian Malinois dog is named after the city of Malinois. In India, Belgian Malinois is a trendy dog breed.

We will see Belgian Malinois prices in India, factors affecting it, and monthly expenses.

Belgian Malinois Dog And Puppy Price In India:

Belgian Malinois price in India is 70,000 to 1,00,000 Indian rupees. A pure KCI registered Belgian Malinois breed will get in this price range.

Belgian Malinois Price In Different Cities Of India:

I called more than 100 professional breeders of Belgian Malinois and asked them about Belgian Malinois price.

Here is the list:

Bangalore70,000 to 80,000
Coimbatore68,000 to 73,000
Hyderabad63,000 to 69,000
Kerala65,000 to 75,000
Kolkata65,000 to 75,000
Manipur60,000 to 80,000
Mumbai80,000 to 1,00,000
Pune80,000 to 1,00,000
Punjab60,000 to 70,000

Factors Affecting On Price Of Belgian Malinois:

1. Buying Place:

You can purchase Belgian Malinois from four places in India.

  • Online:

Buying Belgian Malinois online is not safe. They will show you a pic of a healthy pippy. But in reality, you will get sick, unhealthy, and mix breed. There are a lot of chances of cheating.

Thus, don’t buy pets online.

  • Pet Mills:

Even in offline mode, you can get cheated.

Pet mills are known for profit-making businesses. They provide zero care, low-quality food, bad environment.

Thus, buying pets from pet mills must be avoided.

  • Pet Shops:

Pet shops are just an illusion.

If cow dung is kept in a beautiful box, then we will still call it cow dung.

Similarly, puppies bought from pet mills, kept in a box by a pet shop owner, and sell it.

Thus, it is not recommended to buy from pet shops.

  • Professional Breeders:

If you want a pure Belgian Malinois breed, then buy from a professional breeder.

2. Location of Buying: 

Belgian Malinois price will change from place to place. It depends upon the demand for dog breed too.

3. Birthplace:

A Belgian Malinois who was born in the metro city will sell for a higher price. Because in the metro city, the cost to raise a dog is higher.

4. Lineage:

A pure breed is always a good choice to buy. You will have to pay higher but pure breed is better than mix.

Monthly Expenses Of Belgian Malinois:

Most of the money will take for feeding Belgian Malinois. Grooming is less required for this breed.

Here, we will talk about all the requirements to raise a Belgian Malinois.

1. Cost Of Feeding Belgian Malinois:

Belgian Malinois breed is very energetic. Thus, you have to feed a high protein diet to Belgian Malinois.

You can give them veg and non-veg food.

ChickenBrown rice
FishZero fat milk
LambSweet potatoes

To know how much feed is suitable for Belgian Malinois, you have to understand physique.

Male24 to 2627 to 36
Female22 to 2418 to 27

According to physique, age, activity level, you have to feed Belgian Malinois.

Here, I will simplify your work.

PhaseCalorie per day

You can divide calories into no of meals per day.

Age(months)Meals Per Day
2 to 64 to 6
6 to 12 months3
Above 12 months2

So, the overall cost of feeding Belgian Malinois is 4,000 to 6,000 INR.

2. Cost Of Grooming Belgian Malinois:

You can easily take care of a Belgian Malinois‘s coat at home. Weekly brushing is enough to maintain coat quality.

Shedding is not a problem with Belgian Malinois. But yes, they shed quality per year.

So, 500 rupees per month is enough for grooming Belgian Malinois at home, while a professional groomer will charge 3,000 to 5,000 rupees for one session.

3. Cost Of Vet And Vaccination:

In India, the cost of vaccinating Belgian Malinois will be around 2,000 to 2,500 rupees. At the same time, the vet can charge you around 1,500 per check-up. The charge will vary depending upon the requirement.

4. Cost Of Treat:

You can easily teach some tricks to Belgian Malinois. While teaching, you must give him treats which will cost you around 1,000 to 3,000 rupees.

5. Cost Of Toys:

Playing is also an essential thing for every pet. A Belgian Malinois dog breed needs atleast one-hour activity per day. Thus, you have to purchase dog toys, which will cost around 500 rupees.


Belgian Malinois is a very active dog breed. If you are experienced and have time to spend with the dog, then only buy this breed.

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Raaj is a proud parent of two adorable dogs. He has ample knowledge of raising and taking care of pets. Apart from that, he is also a part of an NGO that feeds stray animals.

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