7 Best Peanut Butter for Dogs in India

Most pet parents always want to provide healthy and safe snacks to their pooch.

Peanut butter is a people’s food that’s great for your dog’s physical and mental health. It is packed with plenty of healthy fats, vitamins, and protein. It is the best high-value treat, especially when the irresistible urge of sharing your table food with your furry friend hits you.  There are many tonnes of peanut butter brands available in India but not all of them are safe for our dogs.

In today’s article, we will come across the 7 best peanut butter for dogs in India. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Buyer’s Guide 

Here’s a list of things that need to be considered while buying peanut butter for your dog. 

1. No xylitol

Xylitol is a common sugar-free ingredient for humans but extremely harmful for dogs. Even a small amount of xylitol can cause permanent damage, liver failure, seizures, or fatal loss. 

2. No Chocolate flavor

Chocolate is poisonous to dogs mostly because their body is unable to metabolize theobromine contents effectively. A small amount of chocolate can cause severe illness in dogs. 

3. All-natural

Stick to all-natural peanut butter with 0 additives or sugar. This will not only keep your dog safe from harmful ingredients but will also ensure they are consuming high-quality products.  

Following is the list of the 7 best peanut butter for dogs in India 

1. The Butternut Co. Peanut Butter Unsweetened

The Butter Co is a well-known brand in India and is one of the most famous unsweetened peanut butter brands on Amazon. It has extremely positive feedback from customers and a low rate of return. 


  • Supports good health — It is a good source of folic acid for cell growth and magnesium to assist cells to metabolise complex vitamins. 
  • 100% Natural — It is made with 100% peanuts into a smooth creamy paste and nothing else is added. It is easy to lick and gulp due to its smooth consistency. 
  • No added sugar — This peanut butter is 100% vegan and has no added sugar or preservatives. 
  • Highly Nutritious — It contains vitamins and minerals which makes it a great source of yummy healthy fibres, protein, and vitamin E. It contains 5gs of protein and 8gs of healthy fat per serving size 
  • Delicious crunchy licks — It contains fine pieces of peanut for that extra crunchy and nutty taste. 

This product is quite affordable and has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. I would highly recommend having a look at this product. 

2. Peepal Farm Peanut Butter for Dogs

Peepal Farm Peanut Butter is a stray animal rescue organisation, a non till organic farm and women-powered social enterprise. It is another great option for your dog.

They aim to provide the best peanut butter which is 100% organic and made with high-quality ingredients.


  • No Additives — It has no salt, no sugar, no palm oil, and is free from any preservatives. 
  • Ingredients — Made with 100% peanut.  
  • Nutritional value — It provided 7.1g of fat, 3.7g of protein, and 0.6g of natural sugar in one serving size. Packed with healthy fats and protein this is the best snacking option for your pooch. 
  • Greater cause — All the proceeds from the sale of this peanut butter go towards their animal clinic and social enterprise. 

This product has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon and is highly praised for its flavour. 

3. Dog Peanut Butter by Pawsserts 

According to Pawsserts, there isn’t a dog in the world that doesn’t love peanut butter and I would highly agree with them. They have an amazing 4.6-star rating on Amazon. 


  • Multipurpose treat — It can be used as a treat, good to give medicines, and great to fill in kongs. Not only that it acts as a stress buster. 
  • Added goodness — It contains the goodness of delicious honey and powerful chia seed. Honey helps build immunity and helps fur & skin health. 
  • No added sugar — It has no added sugar or preservatives. Made with natural ingredients like honey chia seed and high-quality roasted peanuts. 

So if you’re looking for a flavour and immunity-packed jar of peanut butter, you must definitely opt for this product. 

4. PetSutra Fresh for Paws Peanut Butter for Dogs

PetSutra Fresh for Paws believes in the goodness and power of 100% natural ingredients. They provide this goodness and power by blending it into a yummy delicious butter mixture.  They also have good customer feedback with a low rate of returns.

Likewise, they are also considered a popular brand in this food category. 


  • Source of Protein — This dog peanut butter is a treat loaded with nutrition and health benefits as it is a delicious assortment of natural ingredients. It is a rich source of protein that helps maintain a high level of energy and improves immunity. 
  • Organic coconut oil — It also contains the goodness of organic coconut oil and honey that helps keep skin allergies at bay and nourish the skin and fur. It gets rid of dryness and provides extra shine to the coat. 
  • Better joint health — This assortment of natural ingredients also includes flaxseeds. They are a great source of antioxidants and help ease symptoms of joint pain, low blood pressure, and improve kidney function. 
  • Nutritional value — It contains 22g of protein, 48g of fat, and 11g of fibre per 100g 
  • Ingredients — Peanuts, flaxseeds, honey, virgin organic coconut oil, and sea salt. 

It has an amazing 4.1-star rating on Amazon. I would highly recommend checking this product. 

5. AS-IT-IS Nutrition Peanut Butter Crunchy

AS-IT-IS believes purity is a rare element in the modern-day world. Often what we get in the market is heavily compromised and contaminated due to several reasons. 


  • One ingredient only — Peanut butter made from dry roasted peanuts is a perfectly tasty and healthy combination. This pure product has no palm oil, no flavour, no salt, no sugar, and no preservatives. It has zero trans fat, is gluten, and is guilt-free. 
  • Excellent source of protein — It contains 9.60g of protein per serving size and is a nutrition-dense snack for dogs. It supports muscle health, bone health and provides a boost of energy. 
  • House of nutrition — Every lick will be nutritious and packed with nourishment. It offers 3g of dietary fibre, 16g of fat, and 6.3g of carbohydrates. It is also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. 
  • Energy boost — It will instantly provide a boost of energy to your dog. It has a slow digestive property and gives a stable energy burst that lasts longer. 

This is a high-quality product and the perfect option for your dog. It also comes in a stylish tub-like container and has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. 

6. Yogabar 100% Pure Peanut Butter

Yogabar is a popular consumer brand and has incredible reviews on Amazon. This company offers a wide range of healthy options that are all-natural and free from artificial. 


  • 100% guilt-free — This is a guilt-free snack for your furry friend. It has zero side effects and only health benefits. 
  • No artificial — It is free from preservatives, GMOs, or any added sugar. 
  • Premium Quality Peanuts — It is made with 100% high-quality peanuts that are slowly roasted in small batches. 
  • Nutritional value — 30% protein per serving size, high in fibre, zero cholesterol, and zero transfat. 
  • Smooth and yummy — It has a very smooth and creamy consistency, making it easy to lick and swallow. 

This product is highly applauded for its creamy consistency and flavour. It has a 4.1-star rating on Amazon. 

7. The Whole Truth Peanut Butter

The Whole Truth’ is also a popular brand in this category and is a highly rated brand with low returns. Its brand focuses on using the cleanest and minimal product without compromising on the taste. 


  • 100% clean and insanely yummy — It has no sugar, no emulsifiers, no salt, and palm oil. It is made with 100 percent premium quality Java peanuts. 
  • One product show — This peanut butter is made with just peanuts and is free from any additives.  These Java peanuts are roasted slowly in small batches to perfection for the ultimate delicious flavour. 
  • Nutritional value — It offers 25gs of protein, 53g of healthy fat, and 3.4g of natural sugar. It has zero transfat and zero added sugar with zero cholesterol. Sounds like the ideal snack for your pooch, doesn’t it? 
  • Insanely yummy — The slow roast enhances the flavour and gives it a strong nutty taste with a slight sweetness. 

It has a 4.1-star rating on Amazon and is also available in honey flavour. 


We have finally finished our long list of products. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and find it helpful. Make sure to do your own research before opting for any peanut butter and also consult your veterinarian about them.

Happy snacking. 

Isha has been a Dog Lover her entire life and has owned many dogs over the years. Her immense experience of raising and training dogs has helped thousands of dog owners take better care of their dogs.

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