Top 10 best dog breeds in India under Rs.50,000

Dogs are a blessing to mankind. Dogs have been with us for more than 18,000 years, making them the first domestic animal. They make us laugh and keep us safe and protected. They are loyal, obedient, innocent, and compassionate towards us.

Buying a dog is a big decision, as you are welcoming a new family member. You need a dog that can fit according to your lifestyle, needs, and budget. In today’s article, we will come across the Top 10 best dog breeds in India under Rs.50,000. 

Let’s get started. 

But before we get started with the list, let’s go through some important points. 

1. Location and marketplace 

Location plays a vital role in searching for the best dog for you. The price of the dog varies from place to place. A dog breed can be available at a lower price at a particular location, while the same breed will be priced a lot higher somewhere else. 

The location also helps the parents to pick the right dog breed, as dogs also need to adapt according to the weather conditions. The space you are living in also matters for the lovely pet that you are welcoming.

2. Bloodline

 Bloodline is basically the representation of the ancestral contribution which is passed down through the breeding process. It highly influences a dog’s personality and health conditions. Bloodlines can help you understand their behavior and temperament. 

Keeping these two factors in consideration will help you find the right dog breed that suits you.

10 Best Dog Breeds under Rs.50,000 

1. English Bulldog

Bulldog is also known as English Bulldog or British Bulldog, this is due to their origin from England. They are medium-sized muscular dogs. It is a cute, hefty dog with wrinkles all over its face and a push-in button nose. 

They have a life expectancy of 3-12 years and can stand up to 1-2 ft. They are docile, willful, friendly, and courageous. They usually don’t pick up fights and are calm. Furthermore, they are the perfect family dogs as they are great around kids and love playing with them. English Bulldogs can easily get along with kids and other dogs.

Bulldogs are low-maintenance, which makes them the perfect dog breed for apartment living. But bulldogs can not survive in hot weather conditions and require a temperature below 22°c. They tend to overheat, so make sure you keep these things in mind. 

You can get an English Bulldog for Rs.25,000 to Rs.45,000 in India. 

2. Border Collie 

Border Collie originated from the Anglo-Scottish border and was used for herding livestock. They stand tall up to 48-56 cm and can weigh around 27–45 kg. They are considered as one of the most energetic, athletic, and acrobatic dog breeds.

 Border Collie is also highly intelligent and is known for its obedience and loyalty. They are one of the smartest domestic dog breeds available in India. They are one of the best house dogs, and they are excellent with children. 

They are suitable for someone who can provide them with daily vigorous exercise and mental stimulation. Border Collies can survive in any weather conditions and can easily adapt. Even though they are a medium-sized breed they require a large space and aren’t suitable for small apartments. 

You can get a Border Collie for Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000 in India. 

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3. German Shorthaired Pointer 

GSP is well known for its ability to be a versatile dog breed. They are great with hunting and are suitable for both land and water. They have powerful long legs and an enormous amount of strength. 

German Shorthaired Pointer’s coat is short and flat. They have a thick undercoat that allows them to stay warm during winters and the coat is water-resistant. GSP was trained to be a good family dog as well as a hunting dog. They are brave, intelligent, docile, and friendly with their loved ones. They can be trained easily to be more social and energetic around strangers. 

This breed requires intense exercise and if failed to get the right amount of stimulation, they show destructive tendencies. GSP can survive in an apartment, but it’s not the ideal home for them. A German Shorthaired Pointer can be purchased for Rs.35,000 to Rs.45,000 depending on the breeder and bloodline. 

4. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a cute little small-sized dog breed. The meaning of their name is a little lion. They are originally from Tibet and are famous for their round eyes, adorable nose, and ever-growing coat. They have floppy ears and are available in different colors. 

You can already guess that this dog breed requires constant grooming and is high maintenance. Apart from that, they are quite independent, playful, and energetic. They are known for being kind and affectionate towards kids and enjoy their company. They aren’t great with hunting or fetching, but they are excellent companions. 

They can easily adapt to different situations and are friendly with strangers. But due to their long heavy coat, they aren’t suitable for the hot Indian summers. They can overheat easily and need to be kept away from intense activities.

You can get a Shih Tzu for Rs.30,000 to Rs.35,000. 

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5. Basset Hound 

Basset Hounds are a large and short dog breed with a long curved tail. They have droopy eyes and floppy ears with short legs. Their skin has a hanging structure, making their face look sad and their eyes droopy, but most people find this as an adorable and charming feature. 

An adult Basset Hound can weigh up to 20-40 kg and stand tall up to 30-38 cm. They have a soft and smooth coat that sheds constantly, so if you are a person who can’t live around constant shedding then Basset Hound is not the one for you. 

They are cheerful, great with tracking, and tolerant with children. But they need to be handled firmly as they are known for being stubborn. Basset Hounds are perfect for apartment living, they can easily live in a small house or space. 

A registered Basset Hound can be available for Rs.30,00-Rs.50,000 in India. 

6. Greyhound

Greyhounds are known as land sharks and can show destructive behavior sometimes. But their ability to socialize makes them a friendly dog breed. They are great with other pets (including cats) and are quiet, well-behaved, and calm. 

They are originally from Great Britain and are classified as a sighthound. They have keen sight and smooth coat with beautiful long legs. Not only that, but they are amazing runners and can reach a full speed of 70 kilometers per hour. They are intelligent, slimly muscular, powerful yet kind, and gentle. They are sensitive and need to be handled with love and respect.

Greyhounds often suffer from separation anxiety. They can’t be left alone for more than 8 hours and anxiety can lead to destructive behavior. So if you are opting for a greyhound make sure you aren’t leaving them alone for a long duration.

You can get a greyhound for Rs.30,000 to Rs.45,000. 

7. Bichon Frisé

Bichon Frisé is the typical cute, merry, and playful dog breed. They are curious and gentle-mannered. They adjust well with children and other dogs. Likewise, they are generally very social and energetic but if associated with a particular place, object or person they can get territorial. 

If you are looking for a sweet companion then Bichon Frisé is the perfect option for you. They are also extremely obedient if trained well. Grooming is a must as they have a snow-white beautiful curly coat. Their face is slightly round with dark eyes and a tiny black nose. 

The price of a Bichon Frisé can range from Rs.45,000 up to Rs.50,000 in India. 

8. Saint Bernard 

Saint Bernard is a very large size working dog from Switzerland. They can weigh up to 60-80 kg and stand tall up to 70-90 cm. But don’t be fooled by their size, they are the classic example of a gentle giant. They are calm, compassionate, sweet, and friendly with adults as well as children.

Saint Bernard was bred to be a working companion and till this day they live to those standards. They are extremely hard-working and loyal to their pet parents. You can find a Saint Bernard in different coats. They are usually available in reddish and brown tones with white and black patches. 

They aren’t suitable for apartment living and nor are they great with handling the heat. Make sure all these points are taken into consideration before opting for a Saint Bernard.

They are available in India, but their price may vary, starting from Rs.35,000 up to Rs.50,000. 

9. Poodle

Poodles are highly energetic, intelligent, and clever.  Not only that but they are also calm and obedient. Training a poodle is easy as they are good with commands and following them. They require regular physical and mental stimulation. 

They are warm and compassionate with children. Poodle takes a while to trust strangers but once they realize that the stranger is a friend, they slowly start showing their warm and loving personality. They aren’t great guard dogs as they are neither territorial nor aggressive, but they can get overly protective of their families. 

If you are thinking of getting a Poodle make sure you are ready to put in the energy and time into grooming them. They have a gorgeous curly coat that is either silky and soft or coarse and wolly. Poodles are known for their beautiful appearance and different styles of coat clips.

Poodles can easily live in an apartment setting and are available for Rs.30,000 to Rs.40,000 in India. 

10. Yorkshire Terrier 

Yorkshire Terrier is originally from England. They are well-known for their attractive coat and intelligence. Their coat is silky, fine, straight, and soft, and they come in colors like black, tan, silver blue, and golden. 

They are docile and easy to train, especially if rewarded well. They love attention and will curl up on their master’s knees for affection. 

They aren’t suitable for families with children and other pets. But they are the perfect companions for families with older people. They are excellent watchdogs and tend to bark a lot. 

You can get a Yorkshire Terrier for Rs.35,000 — Rs.45,000 depending on the breeder. 

Final Thoughts

We have finally completed our list of the Top 10 Best Dog Breeds available in India under Rs.50,000. Hope you guys find it helpful and can select the right friend for you. 

Isha has been a Dog Lover her entire life and has owned many dogs over the years. Her immense experience of raising and training dogs has helped thousands of dog owners take better care of their dogs.

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